The Story So Far… Part 2

The Story So Far… Part 2

February 22, 2021 0 By admin

I often call my 2012 and 2013 my years of Resurrection and Desolation. I found release from my demons in the span of a single month – August, to be precise, when the Olympics rolled into London Town. I was very lucky to have tickets to Super Saturday, and the combination of the event, feel good atmosphere, and Team GB’s success on that day all came together to massively shake something within me. I’m not ashamed to admit I felt lost and broken for a fortnight after that day. The only thing I could liken the feeling to is an old Derren Brown experiment – Hero at 30,000 Feet (you can see the whole thing here). A huge shock to your day-to-day life can spark great change within you. 

Me, yesterday. In an alternative universe. Where I haven’t broken ribs and concussed myself twice on snow.

For almost a year it did. I started going out again. I took up new hobbies and, in some cases, resurrected others (such as snowboarding). I became more outgoing and – shock horror – I started to look for other, more fulfilling jobs. 

Then, in May 2013, almost 2 weeks after my birthday, my mum passed away. 

It was very sudden – aortic dissection. Until the night she went, she wasn’t exhibiting any symptoms or pain or any kind of issues. In fact, when we left the hospital that evening my brothers and I had been having a nice, engaging conversation with her. The call at 5am saying we needed to come immediately was a blur. Anyway, I won’t dwell any further than that on this particular point. Shortly after that, my boss announced she was selling the business. My resurrection had come to a spluttering full stop.  

As an incredibly boozy summer of self-pity came to a close, things started to turn around in late 2013. The company was bought by an entrepreneur with a propensity for hyperbole, but who had a vested interest in turning the business into something half decent and profitable as the service would fit with his existing offering. Finally, a boss with goals! His efforts, amongst other things, involved bringing in a new member of staff who could get our myriad of outdated server issues under control. Dan was the man, and Dan loved Bitcoin. 

In fact, this wasn’t just love – it was total obsession. He was amazed by how this non-existent currency which was essentially just produced by computers could’ve generated so much popularity and potential profit to go with it. Not all that different to real money really, especially with how the banks involve themselves in the injection of new pounds and dollars into the system.  

Bitcoin. Disrupting the system and making you feel depressed about your own financial independence since 2009.

2013 was arguably the first banner year for Bitcoin, and with its astronomical rise from $13 per BTC at the start of the year to a high of $1150 by December, I certainly heard a lot about it – what was driving the price, how long the currency could be taken seriously, and the classic “Why haven’t I built a mining rig yet?” Of course, I ask myself the same question today – the idea of building a mining rig to make real Bitcoin profits back then was offset by the difficulty in ’13 and ’14 as the electricity costing more than any realistic profit you could earn. That was true then – but if you’d held on until today, perhaps not? 

Either way, no point firing regrets today. Neither of us did it – we just looked on as Bitcoin went through its wild ride and submerged swiftly back into hibernation for another couple of years. However, it drew my interest back into the markets. I’d learnt a fair bit about stock market theory through my Betfair period – perhaps now was the time to apply that logic to the stock market? 

To be continued…