Welcome to Double Three, the home of Syxx, by day a 30-something British digital trainer, by night a wannabe retail forex trader. These are the chronicles of my ongoing journey – to test and implement sytems and strategies that will make me a better profitable trader, to educate myself and others in the financial markets, to give back to both the trading and the wider community alike, and to have fun whilst doing it.&nbsp

Double Three is a blog with no fixed update schedule, and is divided into 4 categories as follows:

Systems and Strats is probably the meat of this place – where I will review different systems and strategies and, where I am implementing them myself, review and publish my progress. If I choose to take a system live I will also include MyFXBook data. 

Booksmarts is an opportunity for both myself and every visitor to this blog to learn – I’ll periodically link documents and videos of interest and provide comment too. 

The Screening Room is a place for me to review movies, TV and documentaries that focus on finance and/or financial business. 

Finally, The Coffee House is just an area for me to provide personal commentary on my life or the wider going’s on in the world. 

Thanks for being here – hope I can make this a pleasant diversion to your day! 


Why the name? 
Double Three? I consider 3 my “lucky” number (if luck is a thing that exists) – and you can never have enough luck (although I wouldn’t go as far as naming an account after my lucky number. I don’t need that Nick Leeson kind of luck!). Syxx? Well, two threes equal six, and I also enjoy 90s wrestling – so if you know that, you know why! 

Why the avatar? 
Well, I didn’t want to show my own face, and I like Gumball. Simple as that.