Rivals Wrestling Corporation (RWC) is proud to announce its formation today. Founded by a geniune veteran of British wrestling, Tom “The UK Beast” Cawber, and backed by the League of World Combat Sports (LWCS) consortium, Rivals aims to bring a real approach to the entertainment and pageantry of professional wrestling.

With Rivals, we’re looking to bring the things hardcore sports fans love to wrestling. Rankings, statistics, building up matches and conflicts over time, special events and tournaments. We want our fans to feel truly invested in the long game. Today is just the start of our journey, and live events will start in February next year, focusing on the south of the UK, but we’ll be touring just as soon as we can,” said Tom Cawber, founder of Rivals.

Rivals have already signed their first in-ring competitor. ShellShock, a 21-year-old Brit, makes his return to the country after starting his career in the World Wrestling Federation. An impressive young talent, ShellShock has signed a lifetime contract with the company, believing the vision of its founder is the right one for wrestling’s future.

“The moment wrestling stops feeling real is the moment it dies to its fans. The idea of a promotion treating its talent more like professional athletes and less like circus performers made me want to be part of this company for a long time to come,” said ShellShock, at the company’s first press conference.

The backing of the League of World Combat Sports is being noted as a significant one. Along with financing to get the venture off the ground, the LWCS has also found itself with an avenue to supply a truly certified world championship.

“The LWCS World Wrestling Championship will be granted under licence to Rivals to adminster. Their approach to professional wrestling is unlike any other promotion, and it feels like its the only place where an athlete should be able to call themselves a true champion,” said a spokesman from the LWCS.

Thanks to the financial backing, it has been confirmed that in the interim at least tickets to Rivals’ first live events will be free. Those who want to see best-in-class professional wrestling should keep an eye on their local media to find out how to apply for tickets. Events start in Southern England in February 1993.