The LWCS World Championship Tournament – coming exclusively to Rivals

Rivals Wrestling Corporation has today confirmed its first ever event – a 4-match card to take place at the Barnfield Theatre in Exeter. The card will feature the quarter final matchups in the LWCS World Championship Tournament, and will be followed by two further events which will contain the semi-finals and final.

The winning wrestler will receive the first ever LWCS World Wrestling Championship belt, and will be expected to defend it monthly against contenders from other LWCS affiliated federations. With RWC having been granted the exclusive licence to adminster the belt, it is expected that these matches will take place in a Rivals’ ring at future events.

“It is truly an honour that we’ve been given this opportunity to find and crown a real world champion, although it’s not exactly a surprise given what our organisation knows and the experience our staff carry.” said Rivals founder and CEO, Tom Cawber.

Today’s press conference also saw the debut of the 8 wrestlers contracted to do battle in that tournament. Alongside ShellShock, the quarter final matchups will also see “Mr Cool” Flash Barker, Ace, Christopher Daniels, Eddie Watts, Peter Collins, Richie Brooks and Steve Lynskey take to the ring. With an average age of 23.5 between the competitors, it’s clear that Rivals is representing the future of wrestling and not the past.

In particular, “Mr Cool” was more than happy to talk himself up. “You can see the size of me versus these other punks. My talent, my skill, and my power is overwhelming compared to everyone else and I will come out as the LWCS World Champion.”

The quarter finals take place on Saturday 6th February and as previously promised, the tickets will be free of charge to anyone who pre-books.