LWCS World Championship Tournament – Quarter Finals Report

Live Event from the Barnfield Theatre in Exeter. 111 in attendance, entry was free for those who prebooked.

The crowd is here and after a brief pre-show, the lights go down and the Rivals Theme plays for the first time! The booming voice of Tom “The British Beast” Cawber can be heard as he struts down to the ring.

“WE. ARE. RIVALS! Welcome to a whole new world of professional wrestling! Tonight, 8 men will do battle and will become 4 – all competing for this!”

Cawber holds the LWCS Championship belt high up in the air as the crowd goes wild! This crowd cheers, ravenous and hungry to experience this moment!

With that, he invites one of the contenders, “Mr Cool” Flash Barker down to the ring for an interview about his chances.

“I’m only 24, but I’ve wrestled for a lot of companies and in front of a lot of people. I’ve felt many buzzes. But you people? You South West bumpkins? What a waste of an audience. Let me promise you all – I’m going to win this tournament, take this title, and deny any of you ever seeing it again.”

And we are into our first quarter final match-up:

Richie Brooks Vs. Eddie Watts

Brooks wins in 7m44s

Richie Brooks wins a slow-paced methodical match. The brutish Watts got in some good power offensive, but Brooks presented a strong technical challenge and won out in the end.

In our next quarter final match-up:

Peter Collins Vs. “Mr Cool” Flash Barker

Barker wins in 8m11s

Collins put up a good fight but Mr Cool just had too much about him!

Next, Cawber invites ShellShock and Ace down for a joint interview – they’ll be facing off in the main event tonight. They both seem more in tune with the crowd than Mr Cool.

“You know, hardcore wrestling fans are the same everywhere. This audience here is just as good as those I wrestled in front of in America. Let me tell you now, I’ll be in the final – if Mr Cool wants to try and take this belt from this company, he’ll have to go through me first!”
“Slow down, ShellShock, you talk like you’ve already beaten me. Let’s see where we are in an hour’s time!”

Onto our third quarter final match:

Christopher Daniels Vs. Steve Lynskey

Daniels wins in 6m49s

This is no contest – Daniels easily beats Lynskey to advance to the semis. He’s a shining young talent.

And now – our MAIN EVENT! The final quarter final match-up:

Ace Vs. ShellShock

ShellShock wins in 10m07s

An incredible high-flying match as both men go through their paces. In the end though, ShellShock wins with his patented finisher – the Megaton! He shakes hands with Ace after the match.

Tom Cawber comes back out to conclude tonight’s events and wish the crowd a good night.

The semi-final draw for the tournament is:

“Mr Cool” Flash Barker Vs. Christopher Daniels
ShellShock Vs. Richie Brooks