LWCS World Championship Tournament – Semi-Final Report

Live Event from Lea Hall in Rugely, Staffordshire. 78 in attendance, entry was free for those who prebooked.

The Rivals Theme blares around Lea Hall as Tom Cawber smoothly walks down the aisle to the Rivals ring! The pre-show is over, and we’re here and now for the semi-finals of the LWCS World Championship Tournament!

“WE. ARE. RIVALS! And we are here, for the first time, in the Midlands! For those of you who weren’t able to see our first show, here’s a highlights package…”

Cawber points up at the big screen where a short reel of the quarter-finals plays out. He then shows off the LWCS Championship belt, letting everyone know this is what it’s all about. Finally, Cawber invites Flash Barker down to the ring for an interview.

“The further away from London I get, the more scum I see. Last week it was bumpkins from Devon, now it’s shysters from the Midlands! That belt is mine, Cawber, and you should save all these people from some awful wrestling and just give it to me now!”

Flash stays out and adjusts his ring gear as his opponent comes out for the first of the semi-finals.

“Mr Cool” Flash Barker Vs. Christopher Daniels

Barker wins in 15m13s

A fast paced match where the cat like Daniels ran rings around Barker, but couldn’t keep him locked into any holds long enough. Daniels eventually wore himself out and Barker picked up the win.

Cawber comes back out and invites one of the other major contenders for the title down for an interview – ShellShock!

“All I hear from Flash is bragging. Sure, he’s picked up a couple of wins and he’s going to be in the final, but he hasn’t faced the ShellShock. No one has, or will ever kick out of the Megaton. Realise that, Flash, and prepare for your defeat!”

Our next match is a special tag team challenge match, featuring the four Rivals who lost their quarter finals last week:

Peter Collins/Ace Vs. Eddie Watts/Steve Lynskey

Collins/Ace win in 8m36s

Now, for our main event – the second semi final!

Richie Brooks Vs. ShellShock

ShellShock wins in 9m50s

Brooks had clearly studied ShellShock’s match from last week, doing his utmost to keep ShellShock grounded. However, ShellShock has much more to his game than just high-flying – once Brooks was in the inevitable explosion of the Megaton it was all over!

Tom Cawber comes back out to conclude tonight’s events and wish the crowd a good night – our final will be ShellShock Vs. Flash Barker!