LWCS World Wrestling Championship – Final Report

Live Event from Barnfield Theatre in Exeter. 116 in attendance, entry was free for those who prebooked.

The Rivals Theme sure is getting familiar! It sounds out to 116 fans eagerly taking their places in the audience to see the big moment when the first ever LWCS Champion is crowned – either “Mr Cool” Flash Barker, or ShellShock!

Tom Cawber makes his way to the ring to introduce the show.

“WE. ARE. RIVALS! This is it, folks! Tonight, in conjunction with the League of World Combat Sports, we will see not just the first ever LWCS World Champion, but the first ever real world champion in all of wrestling. Not defined by weight classes, definitions, federations or anything else – a TRUE world champion.”

Cawber has barely finished his words before “Mr Cool” arrives.

“That champion, Tom, will be me. I’ve got the power, the experience, the ability and the anger to turn your pathetic championship into something halfway decent.”

As the interview concludes, Cawber introduces our first match – the losing tag team from last week will face off against each other.

Eddie Watts Vs. Steve Lynskey

Watts wins in 10m21s

Cawber returns to the ring and calls ShellShock out for an interview.

“Tonight is the night when history will be made. Whoever wins will become a legendary name, but it’s not just about me, or Mr Cool. It’s about the name Rivals will make for itself, and all of you here will see it and feel it. Make sure you breathe every last bit of it in because… YOU. ARE. RIVALS!”

Our next match is the winning tag team from last week against another pairing who were unlucky to progress in the World Championship Tournament.

Peter Collins/Ace Vs. Richie Brooks/Christopher Daniels

Brooks/Daniels win in 10m01s

Collins and Ace fell apart in this one – seemingly unable to communicate or put together the kind of team work that gave them an easy victory against Watts and Lynskey. It may just be that we don’t have an outstanding tag team in Rivals full stop… yet.

And now, the time has come, for our MAIN EVENT!

“Mr Cool” Flash Barker Vs. ShellShock
For the LWCS World Wrestling Championship

ShellShock wins in 14m35s

A brilliant match! A fantastic performance! After a closely run fight, Barker had Shock surely beaten – but instead of going for the pin, he tried to rip his mask off! ShellShock had time to reverse, counter and get Barker up for the Megaton and in the process, crowns himself… the FIRST EVER LWCS WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION!

Tom Cawber arrives from the back and hands the World Wrestling Championship belt to ShellShock, who holds it high to the crowd!

What’s next for Rivals? Whatever it is… it’s going to be incredible!