March 1993 Roster Update – New Month, new Rivals!

Rivals Wrestling Corporation is pleased to announce the signing of three new Rivals to bolster the roster in the coming months.

American Hawkwind is a 35 year old, well respected wrestler already competing in Europe for IBV as well as a number of other companies.
BG James, also known as Brian Armstrong, is a 23 year old second generation superstar. The son of Bullet Bob Armstrong, BG James has the potential to go far.
Juventud Guerrera is a Mexican luchador who, at 18, is already proving his worth, wrestling for Mexico’s top promotion, AAA.
In addition, Rivals would also like to announce the arrival of Keith Myatt. Myatt is an official spokesperson and adjudicator from the League of World Combat Sports and has arrived at Rivals to help adminster the future of the World Championship.