Rivals Super League Wrestling – Friday 5th March, 1993

Live Event from Barnfield Theatre in Exeter. 114 in attendance, entry was free for those who prebooked.

As the show opens, everyone in the audience is wondering – just what is the new Super League wrestling all about? What’s next for the LWCS World Championship? The answers are revealed as Tom Cawber comes down to the ring.

“Rivals has administered and declared an LWCS World Champion in ShellShock. Now, we need our own champion. A new 10-wrestler league will take place over the next several months. We’ll have 2 matches from our new league tonight!”

Cawber then introduces Keith Myatt, the LWCS Commissioner!

“Thank you Tom. I’ve come here to oversee the LWCS World Champion. Whilst your wrestlers are busy with the Super League, ShellShock needs to have a steady run of challengers, and those challengers shall be chosen from the LWCS affiliated group of federations. I’ll announce the first challenger later in the show.”

Onto our first Super League match:

Peter Collins Vs. Eddie Watts

Collins wins in 9m39s

The first three points of the Super League go to Collins!

Myatt and Cawber both head back down to the ring. Myatt announces ShellShock’s first challenger – Akam Singh from West Coast Championship Wrestling! He will face off against ShellShock at the next show.

ShellShock emerges for an interview. Myatt can been seen sneering at him, but ShellShock ignores him.

“This is the first opportunity I’ve really had to thank the fans for their incredible support. Let me make it clear, I will be a fighting champion. Anyone you want to throw at me from any company anywhere in the world, Myatt, you go ahead and do that. I’ll be right here waiting for them.”

Onto our second and final Super League match of the night:

American Hawkwind Vs. Richie Brooks

Brooks wins in 13m01s

Our show will conclude tonight with a special tag match. Whilst 3 of the 4 Rivals in this tag match are in the Super League, they’ll have their Super League singles matches at the next show.

ShellShock/Ace Vs. Juventud Guerrera/BG James

ShellShock/Ace win in 15m18s

ShellShock and Ace seem like a great pairing! They celebrate as our show concludes.