Rivals Super League Wrestling – Thursday 25th March, 1993

Live Event from The Saddlers Club in Walsall. 87 in attendance, entry was free for those who prebooked.

Rivals returns to the Midlands for an exciting night of singles action. The first round of Super League bouts will be completed tonight, and Akam Singh from WCCW will challenge ShellShock in his first defence of the LWCS World Wrestling Championship.

Tom Cawber welcomes us to the show, and calls down newcomer BG James for an interview.

“You wanna know what I’m all about? I’m all about taking names and kicking ass because that’s what we do down in Georgia, USA! For all y’all seeing me for the first time let me tell you from here on out it’s alllll James style!”

Onto our first Super League match:

Steve Lynskey Vs. Ace

Ace wins in 7m11s

Cawber invites ShellShock out for an interview.

“The LWCS have seen fit to bring on the challengers. I’m ready to beat them. It’s as simple as that – this championship I wear will stay inside a Rivals ring for all you fans!”

Onto our second Super League match of the night:

Juventud Guerrera Vs. “Mr Cool” Flash Barker

Guerrera wins in 9m44s

Barker looked bothered and quiet for the whole match. Is he still bothered somewhat by losing out on the World Championship? He storms off to the back once he’s recovered from taking Guerrera’s finisher.

And now for the final match in this round of Super League matchups:

BG James Vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels wins in 6m49s

James looks stunned! Did he underestimate the technical style of Daniels?

And now for our MAIN EVENT!

Akam Singh Vs. ShellShock
For the LWCS World Wrestling Championship

ShellShock wins in 12m41s

In a decent back and forth match, ShellShock comes out victorious! He celebrates with the fans having retained the LWCS title!