Rivals Super League Wrestling – Friday 2nd April 1993

Live Event from Barnfield Theatre in Exeter. 120 in attendance, entry was free for those who prebooked.

The last month of Rivals competition has seen the start of the Super League, the alternative for those who couldn’t get their hands on the LWCS World Championship. As Tom Cawber comes down to the ring, it seems that this competition is going to get all the more intense!

Off the back of his loss to Richie Brooks two weeks ago, American Hawkwind comes down to the ring to be interviewed by Cawber.

”I was robbed, Tom! You people, all anti-American, anti-real wrestling! Brooks was lucky. Christopher Daniels, tonight… you won’t be.”

Onto our first Super League match:

Eddie Watts Vs. Richie Brooks

Brooks wins in 9m41s

That’s two on the bounce for Richie Brooks. He looks completely unbothered by Hawkwind’s comments from earlier and has his game face on. Surely he’s a contender to take the Super League title home.

Time for LWCS Commissioner Keith Myatt to make another statement…

“Congratulations to ShellShock last week, but I would be careful about thinking you’re all that. There are plenty of challengers out there in the affiliated promotions for you to face and I’m convinced one of them WILL beat you. Next up for you is Wolfie D, from Southern States Wrestling.”

ShellShock comes down in mid-interview to counter Myatt’s statement.

“I don’t know why you’re so angry about it, Myatt. You were obviously annoyed you even have to be here. What’s the issue with me as champion? What’s the issue with anyone as champion if they deserve to be there? If Wolfie D can beat me, I’ll be the first to congratulate him.”

Myatt and ShellShock stare at each other before both leave…

Next up in the Super League, it’s…

Christopher Daniels Vs. American Hawkwind

Hawkwind wins in 14m10s

It was a lengthy match, but it seems that Hawkwind wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to strike back. Things are certainly heating up in the Super League.

Finally, our main event tonight will see the promising pairing of ShellShock and Ace take on Collins and Lynskey in another special challenge tag match.

ShellShock/Ace Vs. Peter Collins/Steve Lynskey

ShellShock/Ace win in 9m50s

ShellShock and Ace have done it again! It’s too bad their attitudes are pretty opposed… but that’s for another time. The show closes with ShellShock celebrating, his mind surely on his coming match with Wolfie D…