Rivals Super League Wrestling – Tuesday 20th April 1993

Live Event from The Saddlers Club in Walsall. 93 in attendance, entry was free for those who prebooked.

Rivals is back in Walsall in the Saddlers Club for the last matches in Round 2 of the Super League. In addition to that, Wolfie D is in the house to face ShellShock for the LWCS World Wrestling Championship.

Tom Cawber welcomes us to the show, and BG James comes down with him to give another interview.

“Daniels caught me out last month but I still had a good time with these fans! You guys know how to party, y’all my James’ gang. Let me hear y’all tonight!”

The crowd cheers and chants BG’s name – they clearly love the smart talking fun loving guy!

Onto our first Super League match:

Ace Vs. Peter Collins

Ace wins in 6m24s

It’s a quick win for Ace. Collins once again struggles to maintain his abilities and runs out of steam, right before Ace starts cueing up his big impact top rope moves.

Cawber invites ShellShock out for an interview.

“I don’t get why the LWCS have a problem with me, but that’s something I guess I’ll have to live with. I won’t let it cloud my head from bell to bell, and that means when Wolfie D is in the ring tonight, he won’t be spared from the Megaton.”

Onto our second Super League match of the night:

Juventud Guerrera Vs. Steve Lynskey

Guerrera wins in 11m49s

Guerrera certainly is a crazy young talent – he was almost playing with Lynskey at one point. Cocky – hopefully that won’t lose him matches in the future.

And now for the final match in this round of Super League matchups:

“Mr Cool” Flash Barker Vs. BG James

Barker wins in 9m37s

A much more convincing win by Barker. Is he getting back to normal? BG James looks disappointed, but rouses the crowd after the match anyway.

With everyone having now completed two matches, here’s how the Super League table looks:

=1“Mr Cool” Flash Barker2-06pts
=1Richie Brooks2-06pts
=4Christopher Daniels1-13pts
=4American Hawkwind1-13pts
=4Juventud Guerrera1-13pts
=4Peter Collins1-13pts
=8BG James0-20pts
=8Eddie Watts0-20pts
=8Steve Lynskey0-20pts

And now for our MAIN EVENT!

Wolfie D Vs. ShellShock
For the LWCS World Wrestling Championship

ShellShock wins in 15m26s

In a decent back and forth match, ShellShock comes out victorious! He celebrates with the fans having retained the LWCS title!