Rivals Super League Wrestling – Friday 14th May 1993

Live Event from Barnfield Theatre in Exeter. 124 in attendance, entry was free for those who prebooked.

The hype around Rivals continues to escalate and it seems there’s no end in sight for the popularity of great, REAL wrestling! Welcome to Rivals LIVE from the Barnfield in Exeter, where 124 fans have descended for more Super League action, and to find out who ShellShock will be defending the LWCS World Wrestling Championship against next.

Having gone 2-0 in the Super League so far, Mr Cool comes down to the ring for Cawber’s usual weekly interview.

”I’m biding my time, Tom. I’ll beat every single one of these so-called Super League competitors and prove just how good I am in a wrestling ring. You, and everyone else will have no choice but to acknowledge me, and give me what I deserve – a shot at taking ShellShock down, and revealing just who he really is. I think you know what I’m saying here, Tom.”

Onto our first Super League match:

BG James Vs. American Hawkwind

American Hawkwind wins in 9m33s

An impressive win for the power Hawkwind. BG James is starting to look lost in a Rivals ring, and needs a big victory sooner rather than later.

Time for LWCS Commissioner Keith Myatt to make another statement…

“Another win for ShellShock, eh? Let me ask a question – do you really think this guy deserves the LWCS World Championship? Is he really who you want representing all of you? Some guy with an average physique who jumps around the ring a bit? What a load of nonsense. I’ve arranged another, true challenger for the Championship. From River City Wrestling… CYRUS!”

Myatt is long gone from ringside by the time Tom Cawber appears and invites ShellShock down for an interview. ShellShock doesn’t have a lot to say, it seems…

“I’m still here Myatt. I’m still champion. And I still don’t get your issues with me. When we come back here in a month or so, I want to talk to you face to face, man to man. You need to tell me what the big deal is, because it’s not me putting the legitimacy of this championship in question – it’s you.”

Myatt and ShellShock stare at each other before both leave…

Next up in the Super League, it’s…

“Mr Cool” Flash Barker Vs. Ace

Barker wins in 12m33s

The fans don’t particularly like either of these athletes, but they demonstrate their respect for a fantastic show amidst a real mesh of styles.

Our main event is the special tag challenge match.

Eddie Watts/Steve Lynskey Vs. ShellShock/Juventud Guerrera

ShellShock/Guerrera win in 13m27s

ShellShock and Guerrera celebrate as our show comes to an end. ShellShock remains unbeaten – what an incredible run!