We Are Rivals.

Welcome to the Home of Professional Wrestling. Established at the end of 1992, Rivals stands by one simple point – to give you, our loyal fans, the very best in professional wrestling.

There are no ridiculous storylines or unneccessary drama here – just fighters in their prime, all looking to capture the richest prize in the game and the only verified World Wrestling Championship.

Our website is the best place to find the latest goings-on from our ring. Every event, every show, every TV show will have its write-up and results here for your delectation. Our roster, alumni and Hall of Fame are right here to pore over for detail, or remind yourself of Rivals past. Championship and tournament history, and even commentary from the best analysts in combat sports today.

We Are Rivals. See you at ringside,

Tom Cawber,
Rivals Wrestling

(Rivals is not a real wrestling promotion or company. It is a fantasy simulated federation using TEW 2020 for management, booking and results and WWE 2K for photography and video. Everything on this website is written in character except for the disclaimers. Please enjoy this fictional tour through wrestling history!)