Forza General

Here’s a list of things you can expect to find in the Forza Motorsport section of the site:

Hot Laps – by track and class. My best time, where it stacks up, and the hardware/tune I used to get it done. Additionally, tips and tricks to get the most out of your chosen car**

Online – Recordings of my online races (and possibly commentary too)

Garage – My favoured machines, what Class I run them at, their best tracks and the tunes I run

Other – Sillies, music videos, and other general content

**As I’ve mentioned on the About page, I’m far from the fastest driver on the track. My advice, car selection, and setups work for me and my driving style, and my personal goal is to be within the top 5% of drivers for any given circuit. Telling me I’m wrong and I should do it in XYZ way is not going to make me any faster, and is not going to change my content. You are free to disregard my advice on anything if you so feel 🙂